Karen Faaborg specializes in the mediation of disputes that are unique to educational institutions.  In her role as a senior administrator at the University of Cincinnati Faaborg was frequently called upon to informally resolve the conflicts that inevitably arise in a high functioning community of academics.  Upon her recent retirement, she further honed her mediator skills at Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation and is now available to serve as a mediator of disputes in all levels of educational institutions. Faaborg can assist in resolution when the following concerns arise:

Grievances:  When a grievance has been filed and the parties seek to remain in control of the outcome, maintain confidentiality, and avoid the emotional drain and time required by the full-blown grievance process, mediation works.

Pre-Grievance Conflict:  When parties seek help to resolve significant disputes before a grievance is filed and want to develop solutions that are mutually satisfactory in the present and look to the future, mediation works.

Early Intervention: When issues first arise and friction is beginning to escalate, and an early path to a negotiated resolution that preserves collegiality is the goal, mediation works.

Facilitator of Group Meetings: In a university setting, collaboration and consensus are essential ways of working. Faaborg helps groups have an efficient and inclusive meeting, deal with conflict, and make decisions.

Consultant:  Faaborg also serves as a consultant to academic administrators seeking advice when addressing difficult personnel problems.

Prior to entering into a professional contractual relationship Faaborg is available either by phone or in person to explore ways in which she can be of service. Please contact her at:  faaborgmediation@gmail.com, 513-377-8936 or 961-7936,  www.faaborgmediation.com